Data security & IT protection

Your business information is one of the most, if not the most, important assets of your company. That’s why it’s our top priority to protect your IT environment from any emerging threats.  Our team of specialists can advise on the best security solutions for your business, implement them and monitor performance so you can rest assure that all safety measures are in place to maintain the integrity of your network & data.

The evolution of IT Security – the need for a holistic approach

As technology evolves, software and security vendors keep developing and strengthening their systems. But it’s not all about technology these days. Security has shifted from a purely technical to also a behavioral concern. We’re talking about your staff and policies, which play a crucial role in the success or failure of your IT protection efforts.

At Bremmar, we approach security as a whole, from start to finish. Attackers are using smarter methods of targeting your business, focusing on the human factor as a key point of vulnerability. Through our holistic approach, we recognise that there’s no point investing in the best possible technology if the first point of access, your people, are not ready to also protect your business information.

Protection from A to Z

Adopting a coordinated approach to threat mitigation with a multilayered security strategy is the best way to prevent attackers from corrupting business-critical files and data. That’s why we protect all areas of your business, from your WiFi and PCs to the software and apps your business relies on.

Bremmar recommends a combination of solutions that consider the physical, network, user, software and application layers. 

We are your business IT security consultants!

There is a range of protection measures that can be considered by your company, although some of these may not be practical or achievable due to the cost or your current infrastructure.

If you’re looking to review or implement security solutions in your workplace, we aren’t just the “tech people” who can help set it up for you. We’re also strategy, training and tech culture specialists, with deep experience in business IT security. Let us help you perform a risk and security audit and develop a security strategy that fits your needs.

Let’s make your security strategy and rollout more effective – contact us today to start the conversation!

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