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One of the paradigm shifts in business is to move from buying technology to leasing it. Forget about constantly investing in new technology or worrying about the influx of new staff. Bremmar cloud computing means everything from your, data, email, servers, software, and even phones, are hosted in our state-of-the-art Perth data centre, being constantly maintained and securely backed-up.

The big advantage to our Complete Cloud Hosted Environment is that we take 100% responsibility for making sure that everything just works. It’s all on us.

Reduced support costs and increase manageability

Cloud solutions that move capex to opex and scale with you

Bremmar are your single responsibility point for support

Fully owned and managed Perth based cloud hosting

What will you experience


    With just an internet connection, all staff can access their desktop and data anywhere in the world, on any device. Even within the office, you can transfer your desktop from your office desk to a meeting room in a matter of seconds.


    Our Complete Hosted Environment allows you to seamlessly scale your business IT. When you add staff, applications or business locations, your organisation does not incur the expense and interruption associated with the additional infrastructure.


    Say goodbye to downtime. Bremmar’s data centre facility is state-of-the-art, including backup, redundancy systems and sophisticated disaster recovery solutions.


    One of the paradigm shifts in business today is to move from buying technology to leasing it. With cloud-based computing’s monthly fee structure, your technology costs are predictable and you move from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, which has significant financial advantages for most businesses.


    As applications and software are not installed in your local PC, minimal capabilities are required. This allows a longer life to your existing equipment and minimises the need to replace or service machines.


    All your data is stored centrally and securely backed up in our redundant state-of-the-art data centre, which is equipped with video recording and with restricted, logged access, guaranteeing the highest levels of protection for your business.

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We provide a
Complete Cloud Hosted Environment


Bremmar is your one point of call being responsible for your entire business ICT. We save you time from dealing with internet providers, software vendors and other consultants. Besides our complete hosting service, you will have a dedicated three person team for support that takes care of your infrastructure so your business can relax and transfer all its IT responsibilities to us.


Technical Client Manager


Cloud-based computing means everyone gets the very latest software and systems, every time. It’s a standardised user experience. When software updates, everyone updates. New staff immediately receive the company standard set of programs and configurations, and as soon as they are set up, access is available anywhere in the world, on any device.


Bremmar’s cloud solution reduces the time required to evaluate server improvements and upgrades, saving you time and costs. Our fully managed cloud hosting service eases manageability and support by allowing more focus on your company as a whole rather than on your on premise infrastructure.


Besides a Complete Hosted Environment, your business can also opt for a hybrid cloud approach. It all depends on your business needs. It’s our role to understand your business and recommend the cloud computing solution which will serve you best.

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