IT services for Mining & METS sector

The Mining industry, including the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector, is in an era of unprecedented changes driven by government reforms, technology disruption, and increased customer and employee expectations. Challenges such as remote access to data, people management, mobility involving procurement and logistics, and safety concerns are demanding the industry to constantly look out for innovative solutions.

Investing today in the right IT solutions will help pave the way towards a more efficient and cost-effective business. Speed up decision-making processes and increase employee empowerment by improving health and safety, monitoring and automating assets, and connecting dispersed and diverse operations.

Common Mining IT challenges…

Highly mobile workforce – Data needs to be available to employees in different office locations or sites and accessed when required, even when offline or with poor connectivity.

Collaboration between teams – Information must be shared between sites and head office but it’s as important to empower shift workers when doing handovers.

The need of simple and intuitive tech – As laborers’ time is billable and deadlines are tight, tech needs to be easy and feel natural to use. Technology should support their work, not hinder.

Forms & Reporting – Access to digitised OH&S forms and live statistics to report on and track day to day operations: HR, HSEQ, Billing, etc. Integration and accessibility on every device is a must.

Security and data loss – With high turnover and many projects on the go, data must be secured on all devices and permissions need to be carefully managed with the ability to give and remove access quickly.

Our Mining IT services include:

  1. Managed services as uptime is critical and operations need to be running 24×7
  2. Connectivity and cabling options through 4G, satellite, mobile satellite deployment kit
  3. Data storage solutions that work anywhere
  4. Projects delivered all around Perth and regional WA
  5. Data visualisation and analytics – reporting and dashboards (financial, production, logistical, risks)
  6. Video conferencing & video training solutions
  7. Streamlined data collection with mobile device input into core systems and triggering actions
  8. Asset management solutions that report back to core systems and real-time dashboards
  9. Reporting with live statistics and tracking of crucial operations: HR, HSEQ, Billing, etc.


On your SMART MINING journey, you’ll be presented with a down to earth practical vision of digital transformation – a strategic pathway and operational roadmap to success with measurable results.

It’s about bringing the best technology and strategic guidance to connect people, planning, data, security and operations into one streamlined system. You’ll discover how to use technology to increase productivity and efficiencies and, together, we’ll build a tailored strategy that is right for you, your budget and your goals, transforming your digital growth in a robust and sustainable way.

Our results speak for themselves.
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