IT Review Audit

Achieving a good ROI on your IT means more than just cost efficiency. It means performance, functionality, readiness to scale/descale according to your business requirements. Bremmar shows you different technology paths to reach business objectives and helps you to identify risks, remain compliant and fully understand where you are at with your IT.

Which IT review suits you?



A quick but effective IT review & checkup





A more comprehensive review of your operations




An in-depth systems & application audit



How will your business benefit?

  • Support Costs

    Achieve higher levels of support efficiency. Your support structure, including the roles of your internal & external resources, plays a critical role on IT expenses, so it will be reviewed together with your support processes to find room for optimisation.

    Reoccurring issues will also be identified and analysed for future reference and prevention.

  • Risk

    Have real peace of mind. Understand the condition of your IT assets and know which areas present real risks to your business such as infrastructure integrity, warranty & support coverage, licensing compliance, backup & recoverability, or security & information protection.

  • Functionality

    With so much new technology available it’s hard to know what to invest in. We’ll understand your business and introduce you to solutions that will help you, such as mobility, document management, team collaboration, or communication packages that include voice, IM, video & conferencing presentation.

  • Overall Costs

    Identify cost reductions that can be achieved by evaluating your IT setup, including licensing structure, subscriptions, internet, phone lines and capital infrastructure expenditure.

  • Actionable Advice

    Define priorities and layout tangible steps to start an IT improvement program. Our report will present all priority actions to mitigate risks and reduce IT vulnerability to your business. The report will also contain possible subsequent steps to take to achieve an efficient IT structure that suffices your business requirements.

Your time is precious…

We follow a well-structured process that we’re highly experienced at performing. Although we will need some information from you, we’re very efficient and avoid taking up much of your time. It’s also a completely non-invasive process and won’t interfere with your current IT support in any way! How do we get started?

Call us or fill in the form below and
let’s discuss your business
needs or areas of concern.

We’ll perform a full IT review onsite,
or remotely if preferable, with just
a few details & passwords.

Your comprehensive technology report
includes: areas for improvement, cost
reductions & recommendations for your business IT roadmap.

Our results speak for themselves.
  • One Tree Community Services – First steps into digital transformation

    “Bremmar have been invaluable in helping guide us through this transformation. They know our goals, have helped us map out a strategic roadmap for success, and they deliver on set milestones…”

    Aaron Divitini - IT Support Engineer

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  • How we helped an engineering firm to automate processes and overcome bottlenecks.

    “We felt in safe hands with Bremmar. They understood our business and provided the solutions our business needed.”

    Karen Jordan - Quality Manager, Peritas Group. 

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  • Acacia Living Group (formerly RSL Care WA)

    “Our infrastructure not only evolved, I would say that downtime has decreased by at least 60%. I passed on all the downtime trouble to Bremmar, they walked away and not only improved it, they…”

    Leonard Fong - IT Officer

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  • WA Salt Group

    “Since Bremmar took over, I haven’t heard of any complaints. The service level they have given us has been superb, including the response time, clarity of communications and attentive techs that…”

    Andrew Smith - General Manager

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  • ETS

    “The Complete Cloud Environment has been very beneficial for our business and it’s something I would recommend to other businesses because of three main reasons: cost, security and peace of mind…”

    Murray Williams - Managing Director

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