Efficient and effective management of corporate information has rapidly become an avenue for businesses to gain competitive advantage. Have full control over your business data, be in accordance with the increasing number of compliance regulations on corporate information, respond to employees’ need for new ways of collaboration and be on board with the growing demand for mobility.

Why do we recommend SharePoint?

SharePoint as an intranet & document management solution

SharePoint makes it easy for your staff to store and access key information such as company objectives, metrics and files including documents, spreadsheets and images. SharePoint is an information hub and, as a Microsoft product, is fully compatible with a range of devices, can be delivered onsite or via cloud, and can be fully tailored to meet your business objectives.

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Why use SharePoint?

  1. Make it easier for your team to find the information they need.
  2. Better organise and manage your corporate files & benefit from advanced document management features.
  3. Track changes to documents and have access to previous file revisions.
  4. Enable your team to work on the same document at the same time with SharePoint co-authoring.
  5. Seamlessly access your corporate documents from any device online or offline using SharePoint document storage and Office 2016.
  6. Streamline and automate essential business administrative processes using SharePoint workflow automation.
  7. Many SharePoint administration tasks and changes can easily be performed internally.
  8. Benefit from lots of additional features such as advanced task lists, custom forms, team discussion boards and other read-to-go plugins.
  9. SharePoint is included in Office 365

We are your SharePoint Perth consultants!

Bremmar are Microsoft Gold Productivity Partners, experts in efficiency solutions, remote working initiatives and digital collaboration processes. Our consultants are highly experienced in helping the Not-for-Profit, Aged Care, Engineering and Mining Services industries and can assist with the design, implementation and management of your company portal.

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