Co-Managed IT

If you are responsible for IT in your company and feel that you’re not able to focus on the big picture items because you are being pulled into too many directions, Bremmar Co-Managed service can help.

Standard support 6AM – 5PM with 24×7 coverage

Own small dedicated team with direct 1300 number

Customisable services to help you only where you need it

Monthly or quarterly meetings and infrastructure reports

We closely partner with your IT department.

Co-Managed IT services can leverage your existing IT skillset and provide only the support needed, allowing you to focus on your core objectives. We are very experienced at wrapping our services around your existing capability and provide technical support, from our full range of IT services, where you need it most.


We allocate a three person team to your business, led by a Technical Client Manager. The team is available and ready to respond, so your staff have access to dedicated engineers who understand your business, your systems and your applications.


We can complement your team by wrapping our service around your existing skillset, becoming your IT advisors and trusted partners. You can have a cost effective IT escalation point, so you have support where you need it, and can spend more time focusing on strategy and delivering business outcomes.


Our Co-Managed IT service is fully customisable and can range from providing a safety-net by helping out when you have a question and covering for you when on leave. Or right through to full responsibility for the day-to-day infrastructure. It’s up to you.


Your small dedicated team has your back, understands your business and is on call to help. With systems and procedures in place, your team closely monitors your business infrastructure to avoid and respond quickly to issues.

Ways we can help to fill the gaps


    If you are stuck on an issue and need a hand from someone who has done it before, we are available and here to provide prompt assistance.


    We can provide all levels of user support if you need it. We can help if you are flat out or help to give you a break when you are on annual leave. We can also be responsible for after hours support if you are not available.


    Our comprehensive monitoring framework identifies issues in your ICT systems, allowing us to actually respond to and resolve issues 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, before your business is impacted.


    We update, maintain and test all elements of your infrastructure. Our maintenance routines include tasks such as patch/service pack deployment, verification of redundancy systems, test failover/shutdown, review of event logs, and verification of monitoring notifications.


    Bremmar’s service desk platform is the central point for management of operations including monitoring alerts, maintenance schedules, change management, end-point management, procurement and support escalations. Our ticketing platform is fully integrated with our monitoring and end point management systems.


    Your Technical Client Manager meets with you monthly or quarterly to review our infrastructure reports, including infrastructure condition, issues and ongoing projects, and provide relevant recommendations to improve your overall IT performance. This also gives us a chance to help with your strategy.


    Bremmar integration team works closely to your dedicated team to help you deliver complex projects to your business. The highly experience team can be involved in outsourced project implementation, project management, change management, scope of work development and/or methodology consulting.


    We assess your technology effectiveness, ICT risks and potential impacts. The audit reports will present a comprehensive review of your business ICT infrastructure, including our recommendations to leverage existing technology and a strategic roadmap aligned to your organisation’s objectives.

Change is not always difficult…

Our results speak for themselves.
  • Engenium Group

    “I’m comfortable with most of Engenium’s IT support and dev requirements, but I occasionally need that extra bit of help with some of the more technical and complicated scenarios,” Engenium’s IT

    Scott Bowles - IT Systems Administrator

    Read case study
  • One Tree Community Services – First steps into digital transformation

    “Bremmar have been invaluable in helping guide us through this transformation. They know our goals, have helped us map out a strategic roadmap for success, and they deliver on set milestones…”

    Aaron Divitini - IT Support Engineer

    Read case study
  • Acacia Living Group (formerly RSL Care WA)

    “Our infrastructure not only evolved, I would say that downtime has decreased by at least 60%. I passed on all the downtime trouble to Bremmar, they walked away and not only improved it, they…”

    Leonard Fong - IT Officer

    Read case study
  • ETS

    “The Complete Cloud Environment has been very beneficial for our business and it’s something I would recommend to other businesses because of three main reasons: cost, security and peace of mind…”

    Murray Williams - Managing Director

    Read case study
  • WA Salt Group

    “Since Bremmar took over, I haven’t heard of any complaints. The service level they have given us has been superb, including the response time, clarity of communications and attentive techs that…”

    Andrew Smith - General Manager

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