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WA Salt Group

Case Study

I have full confidence in what Bremmar suggests and don’t need to look around for different options. I trust my dedicated team

Andrew Smith - General Manager

WA Salt Group is a Western Australian medium-sized, family-owned salt producing business, selling high-quality salt products to local and overseas export markets.  The group comprises four companies, WA Salt Supply, Western Salt Refinery, WA Salt Koolyanobbing and Quality Salt Company.

Business Challenge

When unstable systems and poor IT support started to affect business productivity, WA Salt Group knew it was time to look around for a better solution. “Personally, stability and accessibility are a must delivery I expect from an IT service provider and, unfortunately at the time, our expectations were not being met,” states Andrew Smith, General Manager of WA Salt Group.

When describing his frustration with IT support, Andrew remembered, “Most of the time, the person on the other side of the phone wasn’t familiar with the product or the problem. The techs were often not available and had to call us back. That’s not ideal.”

Andrew explored other options and came across a Bremmar marketing email. Bremmar’s professional approach and unique support structure instantly stood out and seemed like the right fit for WA Salt Group. But concerns about changing IT providers were buzzing around.

It was a big leap of faith for Andrew. “The choice of an IT provider can easily impact the entire business, positively or negatively. Getting it right was critical.” Focused on achieving a positive change and more efficiency, WA Salt Group engaged Bremmar Consulting.

The Solution

Bremmar introduced WA Salt Group to its unique three-man support structure. Every Bremmar client is assigned a small dedicated team comprising a Technical Client Manager, which is the client’s main point of contact, and two support engineers.  This means there is always a friendly face on call to help and the person on the end of the phone truly knows their business and operations, eliminating the need to explain applications or requirements on every phone call.

“Bremmar presented us another level of support. The change has been significant, as well as the standard of service”, Andrew states.

Bremmar also provides full maintenance and management of the WA Salt Group IT infrastructure through the Complete Care service.

A monitoring platform was put in place to minimise risk and allow the dedicated team to be proactive in preventing issues before they could become problems. The client’s main point of contact, the Technical Client Manager, is always in the loop on everything related to the client’s IT environment. He is involved in every stage of the support, from receiving a job ticket, assigning it to a tech within the team, and being responsible for reviewing the work after the job is done. This process assures that the Technical Client Manager knows of reoccurring issues and can recommend solutions to improve the overall IT performance.

“Whenever we discuss infrastructure, we know it’s going to be the latest technology, which is not necessarily the most expensive option, but rather, a solution that will fit within the needs of our business. I have full confidence in what Bremmar suggests and don’t need to look around for different options. I trust my dedicated team, they have proven to know what’s best for our business, even money wise,” says Andrew.

The Results

A true partnership has been established since 2013. WA Salt Group now regard IT as an asset rather than a risk.

“Since Bremmar took over, I haven’t heard of any complaints. The service level they have given us has been superb, including the response time, clarity of communications and attentive techs that actually care about our business. The identification and resolution of issues are always efficiently done, with the route cause being identified and dealt with. Accessibility has become an understanding between the two parties, where the techs know the particularities of the business and the entire IT environment upfront. With our IT now managed in a professional manner by Bremmar, we no longer see it as a risk area, but as an asset that is adding value to the business,” Andrew finalises.


If you’d like to know more about how our Complete Care service, or any of our other solutions, could help your business work better, call us on 1300 991 351 to arrange a chat or email enquiries@bremmar.com.au

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