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Acacia Living Group (formerly RSL Care WA)

Case Study

Our operation keeps running during the day with no interruptions. I can sleep in peace and have time to plan my day. My focus is now on planning for future projects rather than fighting fires.

Leonard Fong - IT Officer

With facilities throughout Western Australia, Acacia Living Group is a charitable organisation that provides Residential Aged Care Facilities, Retirement Villages, Community Home Care packages and Veterans’ Home Care packages.  With approximately 200 staff over multiple sites, Bremmar assists RSL’s Care WA IT officer, Leonard Fong, by providing all the IT support to the company’s staff, by budgeting and supporting projects, and by offering infrastructure services and holiday cover.


As an organisation that serves the community, especially the elderly, Acacia Living Group has to be available 24×7. However, before Bremmar, that wasn’t the case. The business was heavily impacted by IT downtime which caused unproductive overheads sometimes for hours, especially on weekends.

“We looked into different strategies and initially tried with two physical servers, however, redundancy was terrible,” remembers Leonard Fong, Acacia Living Group IT Officer.

In need for a local and readily available provider that could attend Acacia’s Living Group premises if any downtime occurred, Leonard discovered Bremmar’s unique support structure through a simple Google search.

“My organisation doesn’t have the capability of employing IT engineers that will be waiting for issues to happen. Is too much of a cost to bear. Instead of having one in-house engineer with limited skills, we can count on the 360° IT view and abundance of knowledge that a managed service provider can offer. And, in our case, that’s what Bremmar offers us,” says Leonard Fong.


Bremmar offers Acacia Living Group a three-person support team structure with multiple skilled engineers which look after the organisation’s IT assets and the particularities of their environment.

“I had a good look around and found Bremmar’s structure to be more in line with our requirements. There are huge benefits of having a team assigned to my needs rather than calling a general phone number for level one support. Even when I’m away, any user is able to reach a tech who knows our business. When it involves strategy or business specifics, I also have level two or three support available at any time to discuss things through,” emphasises Leonard.

Bremmar has also assisted Leonard with RSL’s Care WA IT roadmap and budgeting. With the planning of the service, Bremmar implemented a highly available VMware cluster that essentially removed the downtime issue.


Reduced response times, proactivity towards issues, less downtime and easy access to different levels of engineers’ skills and knowledge.

“Bremmar’s platform has adapted to the skills and resources we need. With Bremmar, it doesn’t matter when you call, even on weekends, they will resolve the issue in one hour or even less.  I can even recall a weekend where we experienced issues and, with Bremmar’s assistance, they were sorted within 30 minutes! I have confidence in Bremmar to always resolve issues in a short time frame,” states Leonard.

Besides improving the level of support, giving Leonard time to focus on strategy and business outcomes, a significant amount of time and effort has been put into Acacia’s Living Group infrastructure.

“Our infrastructure not only evolved, but I would also say that downtime has decreased by at least 60%. I passed on all the downtime trouble to Bremmar, they walked away and not only improved it, they changed the burden into planned downtime that can be scheduled if an issue is found. Our operation keeps running during the day with no interruptions. I can sleep in peace and have time to plan my day. My focus is now on planning for future projects rather than fighting fires,” states Leonard.

Acacia Living Group and Bremmar’s relationship has grown to a solid partnership. When asked about the exchange between both companies, Leonard just smiled and finalised: “I appreciate the existence of Bremmar in Perth, especially as they are located within reaching distance. Five to ten minutes’ drive and they can be here. It’s fantastic!”


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