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How we helped an engineering firm to automate processes and overcome bottlenecks.

Case Study

“We felt in safe hands with Bremmar. They understood our business and provided the solutions our business needed.”

Karen Jordan - Quality Manager, Peritas Group. 

Peritas Group is a structural and civil engineering company with headquarters in Perth and a recently-opened office in Melbourne. The Group is involved in major projects from residential estates and apartment towers to theme parks and ports.


To maintain ISO certification, engineering firms need to document quality assurance processes, including peer review of technical documents. These important documents require sign-offs from all key personnel before implementation, with bottlenecks forming if anyone is taking too long to review and approve.

Chasing up people to sign off on documents was a time-consuming task and the opening of a second office on the other side of the country also necessitated a more sophisticated document sharing system.


Bremmar’s IT Consultant for Engineering and the Microsoft 365 Productivity Specialist met with key stakeholders from the Peritas Group. We then began carefully investigating processes and requirements in detail with the Peritas project champions, Karen Jordan and Kim Stanes, to identify the important wants, needs and pain points.

Our solution involved a combination of Microsoft 365 apps, including setting up advanced document management and cloud-based collaboration on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, and automation of the document review process using Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flow.

Bremmar migrated Peritas’ Project Delivery and Document Management Library to SharePoint. We worked with Karen to develop a relevant meta-tagging solution for a more intuitive approach for staff to search and find useful documents. Power Automate was also integrated to automate the approval/edit requests for document templates.

Power Automate sends automated alerts and reminders to action approvals, which saves the Peritas team a lot of chasing-up time and keeps projects moving swiftly.


By automating several workflows, Bremmar removed as many manual processes as possible to save time and minimise human error.

Karen Jordan commented, “The automation has significantly cut our workload in the whole review process. After some hands-on brainstorming sessions with Bremmar, they also showed us how to tag documents, which makes searching much more intuitive and so much faster.”

The SharePoint solution has increased data retention for Peritas and has improved version control within the organisation. As SharePoint uses metadata to help people find the file they seek instantly, it allows Peritas staff to be more productive and collaborate on the same documents simultaneously.

Karen added, “I found Matt (IT consultant for Engineering), Karl (Microsoft 365 Productivity Specialist) and the rest of the team a pleasure to deal with. As a bonus, Bremmar hosts free Brekkie Power Hour demonstrations to show how other Microsoft Suite solutions integrate with the SharePoint platform. Very handy to see how these could be adapted for our business.”


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