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Fertility North

Case Study

Bremmar was able to architect a solution to meet our business needs, which was flexible enough to future proof our organisations

Laura Benger - General Manager

Fertility North is a fertility clinic that provides patients with individualised treatment plans, in a caring and supportive environment. Part of a group including Gynae North, Ultrasound North, WA Gynae Scope and Fertility Great Southern, the clinics account for approximately 80 users.  The group was looking for an IT partner that would become familiar with the industry programs and be an onsite “face” that staff could work with. It was also essential for the chosen partner to have a strong understanding of the healthcare industry and to be sensitive towards the types of services offered at these clinics, in particular around the patients.

Business Challenge

“The group’s infrastructure had grown organically in an ad-hoc manner, unchaining a range of reoccurring problems that impacted the businesses IT stability. All systems needed to integrate with each other and a proper infrastructure roadmap and plan needed to be developed.” Rushad Billimoria, Technical Client Manager at Bremmar.

Growing at a fast rate and looking to expand further, the clinics’ IT was a hindrance to this expansion with ad-hoc solutions limiting the level of efficiency within the organisations.  The lack of integration between sites led to different software versions maintained across entities, affecting especially Genie, the group’s core application. Their infrastructure also had limited access to technological advancements, in particular to mobility solutions, which narrowed the business options of providing flexible work arrangements for staff.

The overall computer stability was also impacted, with slow systems and frequent crashes. The result, was significant ad-hoc IT expenses for the businesses and the constant worry of the clinics’ directors.

“Our organisations had grown so rapidly that the one man provider we had previously utilised was no longer capable of providing the level of service we now required. Our IT system had been built on and added to over the years to a point where we could no longer gain any more from the current set up; it was limiting our growth. We actively sought out a new IT provider who could provide flexibility, 24 hour support, accountability and a robust system which would align with our growth requirements. Bremmar was able to architect a solution to meet our business needs, which was flexible enough to future proof our organisations. During our on-boarding with Bremmar, we have found them to be good communicators, solution focused and their cloud implementation was a seamless process,” says Laura Benger, General Manager at Fertility North, Ultrasound North, Gynae North and Fertility Great Southern.

The Solution

Fertility North engaged Bremmar’s CompleteCare service which provides the group with full support and maintenance of their existing IT systems for a fixed monthly fee. The service has contained the group’s costs and assigned the clinics to a dedicated support team that is familiar with their environment and responsible for their day-to-day IT responsibilities. Bremmar now acts as the businesses IT department, being in charge of all IT functions, and the medical practices can focus on providing the best quality of care to their patients.

After an initial audit and review of the entities’ IT environment, Bremmar’s Complete Cloud Environment was found to be the most effective and reliable solution to fulfil the clinics’ requirements. This solution allows the group to achieve maximum uptime, with the data centre’s redundant systems and backup solution; ease infrastructure manageability, by transferring all responsibilities off premise to Bremmar; and provide doctors and staff with full mobility, by having the latest technologies and solutions available in the cloud.

The Results

Fertility’s North migration to a hosted environment was completed within a weekend and all systems were online and operational on Monday morning. Benefits were experienced instantly.

Streamlined support and system stability

Bremmar is now responsible for managing the group’s infrastructure in the cloud and provide day-to-day support, including being on call over weekends and after-hours as per the group’s operating requirements. The dedicated support team takes care of all IT matters, including liaising directly with vendors and suppliers on the clinics’ behalf.  Our engineers also provide their expertise to support a range of industry software, which we have grown to know front to back.

As a result of our partnership, Bremmar developed a deep understanding of the clinics’ operation, decreasing overall downtime and adjusting the support structure to reduce noticeably their monthly support costs.

Integration and mobility

The required level of integration between all sites has been achieved, with all software updated and standardised across all entities, as well as with noticeable improvement on application performance. With fast access, doctors and staff can now enjoy full mobility with Citrix remote desktop, and are no longer limited to their workstations. Access to all their data, applications and software is now available anytime, anywhere and on any device, even from theatre rooms.

“Our four business units have been very pleased with the flexibility and performance of our new cloud solution. It enables our doctors’  to report live into the system from theatre, or at offsite consulting rooms. The management team have also found the cloud solution to be effective; they can work from home as if they are in the clinic and productivity across the business has increased,” states Laura.


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