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Case Study

The Complete Cloud Environment has been very beneficial for our business and it’s something I would recommend to other businesses because of three main reasons: cost, security and peace of mind.

Murray Williams - Managing Director

ETS is a specialised lubricant and logistics business that has been around since 1982. The company has a purpose built office and warehouse in Western Australia and a comprehensive branch in Queensland. ETS also has sub contract warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Ulverstone (Tasmania).

ETS and Bremmar’s partnership started in 2008 and it has solidly grown since. Throughout the years, Bremmar has taken care of ETS’ complete IT requirements including support, projects and a range of different solutions. These include moving from traditional PC’s to thin computing, then more recently to a complete cloud environment.

“I am one of those people whose business can be hard to win. But if you do, and provide good service at a competitive rate, I’m very loyal,”comments Murray Williams, ETS Managing Director about the ongoing relationship between both companies.

Business challenge

ETS and Bremmar’s history goes a long way, from projects and office moves, to now, a very mature IT environment. The Complete Cloud environment has been ETS’ biggest step so far, where the company handed to Bremmar full responsibility of their business IT, for support, infrastructure and hardware.

“We were due for a hardware upgrade and there was no benefit, especially from a cost point of view, of reinvesting in hardware. Also, we mainly work in industrial areas so we didn’t want the burden of worrying about our infrastructure, data security or backups,” remembers Murray.

ETS needed a cost effective solution that would give Murray peace of mind and facilitate the data access needs of mobile staff, whilst also integrating the company’s interstate offices with their core business applications, including SAP. Speed and ease of accessibility were critical requirements.

The solution

“When we started discussing the hardware upgrade I asked Bremmar to compare the costs of cloud vs staying in house projected over a 3 year period. The numbers associated with cloud looked good and the main attraction was that I don’t have to worry about the hardware situation ever again, that’s someone else’s responsibility,” states Murray.

“Bremmar’s Complete Cloud Environment means that we take responsibility for it all. The client doesn’t need to worry about IT anymore as everything from data, email, servers, software, and even phones are hosted in our Perth data centre. All users have a standardised experience and our IT support ensures that everything runs smoothly and simply works,” explains Brenton Harris, Bremmar Managing Director.

The results

“It was a pretty seamless change and I would do it all over again if I had to,” says Murray. “The move to cloud has been what was supposed to be. I had planned an outcome and it came about, so that’s the main benefit for me,” completes Murray.

In general, ETS’ move to the cloud environment took a couple of days and was a smooth process.

“Our overall IT cost hasn’t gone down dramatically, however, it hasn’t escalated and there’s no reinvesting in hardware. I just pay a regular fee and Bremmar takes control of our IT. Speed and accessibility have improved, as well as connectivity where SAP is certainly more integrated with our systems and it’s quicker to open files in general. In summary, the Complete Cloud Environment has been very beneficial for our business and it’s something I would recommend to other businesses because of three main reasons: cost, security and peace of mind,” says Murray. “Bremmar has a sound and reliable IT structure that has a good backup in place, which makes things easier, and also staff are nice to deal with, they are reliable, supportive and friendly,” finalises Murray.



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