Disaster recovery & IT Continuity

Smart businesses protect themselves.

Unplanned events happen in business and you need to be ready to react when faced with a crisis that potentially stops or interrupts your business operations with a continuance plan.

A business continuity & disaster recovery plan will allow your business to return your IT operations quickly so you can minimise downtime, restore your income, enable employees’ to keep working and maintain your business reputation and credibility.

We can help you protect what matters:

Application and service failures

System and hardware failures

Full site failure

IT Continuity Management

Whether you are at the start of your business IT continuity plan journey or you’ve decided to revisit your plan, we’ve got your back. At Bremmar, we ensure that all offered ICT services, including applications, database, internet, e-mail, amongst others, have maximum uptime and are protected against any type of incident or disaster. Simply backing up your company’s data and information is not a business continuity strategy that is why we recommend solutions to keep your business running, no matter the situation.

The steps we take to help you mitigate risk:

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