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Understanding Hosted UC

Posted June 24, 2015

There has been a lot of a buzz around Hosted Unified Communications (UC) over the past couple of years. After several advancements, this solution is now highly recommended to SMEs.

By Bremmar Team


As your IT business partner, it is our responsibility to keep your business up to date with latest technologies available, making sure you understand and benefit from them. We want to ensure your IT operations has high end technology that will help your business to improve processes, maximise performance and increase collaboration, while reducing costs and simplifying management.


Hosted Unified Communications seamlessly converges voice, video and data services into a single communication platform that enables employees to freely connect with colleagues on any device, anytime and anywhere. Your business can also connect with partners and clients if they use the same phone system. UC moves businesses away from simple IP telephony services and introduces them to world class collaboration solutions, transforming operations to be more agile, productive and with enhanced mobility, and keeping your workforce always on the go.


Traditionally perceived by SMEs as a complex and expensive solution, Hosted Unified Communications has quickly proven to be suitable for every type of organisation. UC does this by consolidating business communication and infrastructure while reducing costs, complexity of ownership and need for maintenance. Accessible to all types of businesses through the delivery as a service in the cloud, SMEs have been experiencing real competitive advantage by eliminating inefficiencies of traditional phone line systems. SMEs also benefit by avoiding unnecessary expenses through a cost-effective and easy to manage platform that meet their business communications requirements and collaboration needs. Hosted Unified Communications is introducing a more innovative work experience to businesses and rapidly outdating the traditional telephone network system.


Through multiple devices, and using real-time and interactive systems, your company is spread virtually. This enables your employees to connect from remote locations while reducing costs on travelling expenses and with free calls between offices. Also by integrating all applications in one platform, complexity is significantly lowered with real ease of maintenance and deployment. With Hosted Unified Communications your business will need minimal capital outlay for equipment and set up; using your existing internet and data connections you will no longer experience phone bill surprises as services are offered in a monthly fixed fee on a pay per user basis.

Know what to expect from UC features and the benefits your business can experience from a fully integrated communication suite.

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By Bremmar Team

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