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Transform your business with SharePoint

Posted December 07, 2015

If your business has ever looked into getting a document management system or an intranet solution, it has possibly come across SharePoint as an option. But…is it really as good as people say?

By Bremmar Team

sp-testBased on our experience with the solution and following up on clients’ experiences, Bremmar technical specialists say yes!

Capable of combining a document management system and an intranet portal into one service offering, SharePoint adds significant value to businesses by delivering more than the ability to manage core documents and have full control over internal information. It’s a cost effective solution that helps businesses’ to boost efficiency and performance by allowing the development of a comprehensive portal framework that consolidates business applications and information, propelling collaboration and easier internal workflow.


SharePoint presents endless possibilities of optimising business processes and enhancing employee performance and collaboration. Share, track and store core business information, create announcements and internal blogs and set up automated e-malls, while having mobile access to everything. SharePoint’s vast customisation options allow features to be selected according to specific requirements, helping businesses to extract value from information.


In a confidential network, and through a paperless common knowledge base, SharePoint simplifies the day-to-day employee workflow, facilitates content distribution and contribution and provides a 360 view of business critical information, anytime, from anywhere and on any device. The business and teams have a wide visibility to milestones, goals and achievements, resulting in quicker, smoother and more informed decision making processes.


Move to a paperless environment – HR forms, internal documents, agreements, amongst others, can be all digital with no need of printing to be approved.

Facilitate your business workflow – Easy document tracking and approvals set up with submission rules, alerts and automated e-mails. Also, allow simultaneous document editing by different staff.

Enhance collaboration – Effective channel for staff communication and discussion, with blogs, announcements and interactive applications.

Save your business time – Easily find any type of document by searching for it by tittle or internal content. Use the discussion board for simpler queries and avoid having unnecessary meetings.

Create schedules and roadmaps – By project or business unit, the tasks and calendars integrate with other applications such as MS Outlook and MS Project.

Information protection and accuracy – Have your staff always working on the latest document versions and protect your business from information loss.

Mobility  – Integrated with tablets and mobile phones,access your business information anytime and anywhere.

Save costs – By achieving some or all of the benefits mentioned above for your business.

Bremmar can do the design, implementation and management of your company portal. For more information, please contact us on 1300 991 351 and experience the benefits of this solution.

SharePoint Features straight forward

By Bremmar Team

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