Rosewood Care Group

By Gabriela Guerra - Marketing Coordinator, February 15, 2018

“We don’t have a problem with IT because we have Bremmar looking after us.[…] they have a good understanding of our organisation and are able to deliver the solutions we need, ” states Rosewood’s PM

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WA Salt Group

By birdbrainlogic, November 22, 2016

“Since Bremmar took over, I haven’t heard of any complaints. The service level they have given us has been superb, including the response time, clarity of communications and attentive techs that…”

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Fertility North

By birdbrainlogic, November 08, 2016

“Bremmar was able to architect a solution to meet our business needs, which was flexible enough to future proof our organisations[…] we have found them to be good communicators, solution focused…”

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