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Mobility solutions for a happier and more productive workforce

Posted September 09, 2015

The need for anytime, anywhere and any device access to business information has transformed the traditional workplace into a more flexible, faster and collaborative work environment.

By Bremmar Team

mobility-solutionsIntroducing a new experience to the workforce, business mobility solutions have the potential to drive significant productivity gains and speed up decision making processes through the effective access of information on any device, no matter the location or type of application.


If your business requires users to work remotely or to be constantly connected wherever they are, the answer is clearly “yes”. Irrespective of that particular need, even with most of the staff working on premises, most businesses benefit from mobility solutions by increasing staff engagement, enhancing productivity or by maximising agility for decision making.

With all the advancements in mobile technology, applications and internet mobility solutions are not just trendy, but they have become a business reality.


That’s not the purpose of mobility solutions at all. On the contrary, they are supposed to offer your team members more flexible work arrangements and provide them with a better work-life balance. Your staff can have the freedom to use and choose the mobile devices that best suit their work in different occasions, so they don’t need to be sitting on a desk to be productive. With an internet connection they can now work on any device and anywhere, giving them the ability to respond to a current situation or opportunity immediately.


We recommend solutions that suit the types of information that users require access to, focusing on the convenience of the user. That is why our mobility solutions are heavily customised based on the work roles of our clients’ users. If a user requires access to only a certain type of information, we focus on providing the best solution for that specific need, so  for example read-only capabilities or complete desktop remote access are available to enable your business to keep complete control over your business information.


At Bremmar we partner with technology leaders to offer your business the best available solutions and, in this case, that can cater for different types of information and applications. With secure network access solutions, web based document management solutions and Citrix published applications, we aim to deliver a range of services and solutions on premise and via the cloud to enhance your company’s mobility ensuring user’s convenience, efficiency and ease of use.


Our solutions continue to evolve as business applications evolve. Our latest focus is on an internet bandwidth optimisation utility that will increase performance of applications on users’ mobile devices.

If you would like more information on our solutions or how we can help your business to become more mobile, please call our IT consultants on 1300 991 351.

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By Bremmar Team

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