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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service – Key capabilities

Posted May 14, 2019

91% of consumers are loyal to brands that offer low-effort interactions. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can provide personalised and contextual interactions across your customer’s journey, through any channel and from any device.

By Bremmar Team

Digital innovation has changed the landscape of every industry. With increased customer knowledge and commoditised products and services, businesses are focusing on customer experience to develop key differentiators from their competition. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables consistent experiences across any combination of self- and assisted service engagements, so your customers can get a quality experience every time. 

Customer Service is a crucial part of the Customer Engagement module, which also includes Marketing, Sales and Field Service apps, along with other solutions and related services.

Click on the image to check out the Customer Service key capabilities:

In the Customer Service Hub, you will find everything you need to easily manage customer service at your organisation:

  • Dashboards collect all your most important data in one place. You can select from multiple dashboards as per your role.
  • Activities help you keep track of tasks, email messages, appointments, phone calls and much more.
  • Accounts are the companies you do business with.
  • Contacts help you manage and store information about the customers you work with.
  • Social Profiles let you track a contact’s presence in social media.
  • Cases help you create and track your customer requests and issues.
  • Queues keep a track of cases waiting for you to work on.
  • Knowledge Articles capture your customer’s questions, issues, feedback, and resolutions so that other service reps can benefit from them.

Personalise customer service and create effortless support experiences through any channel and on any device.

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By Bremmar Team

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