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IT is joining forces with other Business Units to contribute to overall business outcomes.

Posted April 10, 2017

IT is gaining a new space in the corporate scene and now plays a crucial role in the business strategic pursuits.

By Bremmar Team

We are living in the days of digital transformation. Technology is now, more than ever, embedded into the workplace and is an area that businesses rely heavily on to achieve business goals. Innovation is also crucial to gain competitive edge over competitors.

From supporting the basic to the most complex business functions, IT is now part of most business projects and is working closely with different business units. It is finally gaining a new strategic role in the corporate scene.

The report below, published on CIO Insight, presents how IT is moving from simply support to a more strategic role, becoming key in contributing to overall business outcomes.

IT and Business Units Share Tech Responsibilities

The line between IT organizations and line-of-business units is getting increasingly blurry, according to “Building Digital Organizations,” a new report from CompTIA. By the end of this year, seven out of 10 Global 500 companies will have dedicated teams focused on digital transformation and innovation, according to industry research. A mix of both business and IT employees are likely to staff these teams, given that the majority of professionals feel either highly or extremely confident in applying tech innovation and functions to business goals, according to the CompTIA findings. Many respondents said technology now plays a critical role in strategic pursuits and is even redefining business. And a significant number of them believe that every work project is, in fact, a tech project. With technology budgets on the rise—in both the IT department and the business units—organizations will position themselves to better address major obstacles to digitization, including cyber-security threats, software development difficulties and data management issues. “Companies are starting to recognize that new tech trends are leading to a new operational model: the direct contribution of technology to overall business outcomes,” according to the report. “In the past, technology served more of a supporting function … [however] over time, businesses have moved to a much more strategic approach when it comes to technology.” Professionals from 350 U.S. businesses took part in the research.

IT and Business Units Share Tech Responsibilities

As the line between IT and the business blurs, they are working closely to address barriers to digitization: security threats, software challenges, data issues.

Can-Do Attitude

73% of the professionals surveyed are either highly or extremely confident in applying tech innovation and functions to business goals.

Productive Force

43% said technology enables business processes, and 39% said it drives business outcomes.

Influential Component

36% said tech plays a critical role in strategy, and 34% said their organization is redefining its business based on IT.

Consolidated Effort

30% said they have established strong collaboration between business and tech functions, and 23% said that every project is a tech project.

Fiscal Projection: IT Department

51% of the survey respondents at large organizations and 60% of those at midsize companies said their IT department’s tech budget is increasing.

Fiscal Projection: Business Units

42% of the survey respondents at large organizations and 56% of those at midsize companies said the tech budget in business units is increasing

Top Priorities for IT

Infrastructure: 35%, Innovation: 26%, Integration: 20%

Top Data Challenges

Need to fully utilize existing data: 44%, Demand to perform analytics faster: 43%, Need better ways to present data: 37%, Issue of highly segmented data: 35%

Most Challenging IT Functions

Security: 50%, Software development: 47%, Data-related tasks: 44%

Respected Party

59% of the survey respondents said IT still plays a primary role in strategic decision making.

Originally sourced from: http://www.cioinsight.com/it-management/slideshows/it-and-business-units-share-tech-responsibilities.html 

By Bremmar Team

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