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How an engineering consultant company benefits from a trusted, ongoing IT partnership

Posted July 24, 2019

“With the IT industry evolving and progressing at a rapid pace and with so much information available, it can be difficult to know the actual best solution for real-world scenarios. I can always rely on Bremmar to provide quality advice on the latest technology and best practices.” – Scott Bowles, IT Systems Administrator, Engenium

By Bremmar Team

When engineering and project delivery consultants Engenium engaged Bremmar for two small IT projects back in 2013, they had no idea that it would be just the start of an ongoing support relationship that continues to this day.

Business Challenge:

While many organisations engage IT partners for specific projects, Engenium’s IT administrator Scott Bowles was looking for an IT company that could provide ongoing support on an as-needs basis.

“Our relationship with Bremmar began in 2013 when we were looking into a web filter appliance, as well as needing technical assistance with network routing issues over our VPN,” he says. “We picked Bremmar initially because they were easy to talk to, understood our concerns and provided some real-world advice.”

From that point, Bremmar became Engenium’s go-to provider for escalation.

“I’m pretty comfortable with most of Engenium’s IT support and development requirements, but I occasionally need that extra bit of help with some of the more technical and complicated scenarios,” says Scott.

These scenarios included needing to upgrade ESXi and VCenter without it impacting on staff, and the AD hybrid integration with Office 365 and Azure.

“Managing the whole environment doesn’t allow me much extra time for testing new technologies. So I rely on the experience of Bremmar, who have usually dealt with the issues that I often come across.” – Scott Bowles, Engenium

The Solution

Two recent major infrastructure upgrades provide just one example of how Bremmar has been able to help Engenium with ongoing IT issues.

“We replaced our server hardware in Perth and Newcastle, which meant we had two separate projects a few months apart,” says Scott.  “We considered other providers, but cost-wise Bremmar were competitive and because of the relationship and trust we have with them, as well as their excellent technical skills, we used them to do the implementation.”

Both projects were successful, went as planned with minimal downtime, and barely any impact on staff.

The Results

Scott says there are a number of benefits to working with Bremmar.

  • Trust – Being able to rely on Bremmar has allowed him to feel confident when proposing IT solutions to Engenium. “This, in turn, enables us to provide better support to staff, knowing that the advice I give is applicable in real-world situations,” he says.
  • Honesty and flexibility – Bremmar always offer the best solution to a specific problem, even if it sometimes isn’t the cheapest. When budget limitations prevent Scott from using a particular solution, Bremmar will help work out an alternative, cheaper solution, without comprising either security or functionality.
  • Advice – “Bremmar not only do what they say they’ll do, but they’ll also offer advice in other areas if they come across something of concern even if it’s not a part of the current project,” he says. He finds this advice useful in terms of the overall picture of managing offices across Australia

Assistance that’s always available

“Even though we aren’t a fully outsourced services client, Bremmar are always available when we need them, for either urgent assistance or to schedule in specialist support,” says Scott.

“Because I’m managing a 200-user environment across several states, it’s comforting to know that I can rely on Bremmar to ‘drop what they’re doing’ to assist whenever required, and provide guidance in a particular area,” he says.


As a trusted partner in the mining and engineering sector, Bremmar can be used for ongoing IT support as well as for help with major projects. If your internal IT department needs ad hoc support call us on 1300 991 351 to arrange a chat or email enquiries@bremmar.com.au

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By Bremmar Team

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