Learning about staff and their IT needs

By Chad Gowrea, Director - Solutions and Strategy, June 05, 2019

What does your team need to do their jobs better? When it comes to technology, convoluted workflows, clunky old software, and files only available in the office could be stifling productivity, even if your employees know the systems like the back of their hands.

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Infographic: 4 main steps of an IT review process

By Rushad Billimoria, Information Systems Manager: Not-for-Profits & Aged Care, June 15, 2017

If you are considering reviewing your business IT, either in-house or with an IT provider, know which steps and precautions to take to ensure you get the best outcome!

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How much does your IT really cost?

By Darrin Perry, Technical Client Manager, June 12, 2017

Are your IT costs spinning out of control? Conducting a cost-benefit analysis ensures you’re getting value for money, and prepares your infrastructure to meet your company’s changing needs.

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Review your IT with these seven steps

By Brenton Harris, Managing Director, May 24, 2017

Do you know if your IT systems are performing effectively and reaching their full potential? Is your business adequately protected against possible cyber-attacks?

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