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Bremmar expands data centre to support your business growth

Posted August 05, 2015

With your business success and continual expansion in mind, Bremmar has invested in high end technology to upgrade its data centre infrastructure.

By Bremmar Team

featured-data-centreAs your IT business partner, we are proud to inform you that we have recently expanded and improved our data centre infrastructure to provide you with a safer, more reliable, and technologically advanced facility that will meet your business’ unique demands and future growth requirements.

Designed to offer you the latest data centre technologies for efficiency, security and business performance, our off-site environment ensures complete uptime of your IT operations and protection of your digital assets. Our Perth based data centre is built to support your entire business and provide your company with multiple levels of redundancy, continuity solutions and optimal recovery services.


Through a power upgrade we have doubled our infrastructure running capability, resulting in an internal expansion that can support your business needs for easy, quick and even unpredictable growth.


By implementing a new blade system in our data centre we have expanded our compute capacity to significantly exceed our customer needs. We give your business room to grow as much and as quickly as it can with the latest IBM Flex Blade technology which feature innovations to meet your ongoing business requirements as well as provide easy and cost-effective scalability, and ease of management.


Partnering with Brocade, we have recently adopted a 10GB converged network fabric that will significantly increase the speed that information travels between our hosted servers, improving access time from the desktop to the data. The new 10GB network fabric provides great volumes of spare capacity as well as the most efficient scalability options for expanding the network infrastructure in future.


Through the above upgrades, as well as continual monitoring and optimisation of our hosted environment, we have improved performance for all our hosted clients, eliminating any capacity bottlenecks.


Apart from all recent improvements, our data centre is equipped with precision heating and cooling systems; multiple levels of redundancy – comprised of 2 separate power feeds; efficient data flow; generator, UPS and air cooling redundancy; and monitoring and maintenance platforms.


More than just high end technology and solutions, when you engage with Bremmar as your IT partner you receive support and highly personalised services from your dedicated team, who understand your entire IT environment and can provide the most suitable recommendations for your business present and future needs. Leave it all to us, we are your single point of contact for all support and hosting requirements.

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By Bremmar Team

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