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5 strategic ways to use Skype for Business as a tool to achieve business goals

Posted March 07, 2016

We share the experience of some clients (and our own) on how Skype for Business became a vital everyday tool for success!

By Chad Gowrea, Director - Solutions and Strategy

featured-sfbRecently, Bremmar has been very busy implementing Skype for Business for its clients and we are finding it’s quickly becoming a vital daily used tool for collaboration across the board.

Skype for Business offers creative ways for businesses to enhance collaboration and improve productivity, however, not all companies use theapplication for that purpose. Some people see Skype for Business – SFB as a simple video conferencing tool, whereas some use it actively in their companies to achieve goals and experience its endless capabilities, especially when combined with other Office 365 applications.

Here we share some real business examples:

1- Combine SFB with other Office 365 suite applications

By using Skype for Business in conjunctionwith other Office 365 tools, like SharePoint and OneNote, Bremmar enabled the collaboration of multiple staff to perform a complex visual Hardware Audit and Assessment for a large client in a remote location. The collaboration was literally in real time with info coming directly from site to the offsite resource to discuss, collate and generate reports!

2- Give your business (and your staff) flexibility in their video conferencing solution to move as required!

We are in the planning stages of rolling out Skype for Business for a Not for Profit organisation that has multiple remote sites all over Western Australia.

They currently have an old legacy video conferencing system which is very inflexible. It only allows them to provide video conferencing to fixed points and via fixed cameras in the site meeting or boardroom, and doesn’t support any integration with users on other platforms.

With the new Skype for Business hardware and topology we’ll be deploying, all staff will be able to collaborate from their own desks and even from any mobile devices, also widening the ability for users to talk to any endpoint user with a webcam.

3- Work on the same data from different sides of the world

A client in the resource sector regularly uses Skype for Business video conferencing to communicate between its Perth office and Northern European offices for regular Online Collaboration sessions, where they regularly utilise screen sharing to share data from their applications.

4- Make the most of SFB by applying it to your industry

A well-known Perth luxury home builder, and also our client, is currently using Skype for Business across multiple types of endpoints to facilitate communication between staff in the Head Office and their site building supervisors to relay issues and onsite progress in real-time video meetings.

5- Finally, back to Bremmar, we use Skype for Business in our everyday environment

  • Usage of screen sharing to work on documents between our staff
  • Regular video and voice meetings with various Microsoft Partnership Managers from different departments, as well as vendors from all over the world!
  • And, of course, our staff generally joking with each other in general over IM……

Contact us on 1300 991 351 or email us on help@bremmar.com.au to have a chat about how Skype for Business can help your organisation reach its goals!

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By Chad Gowrea, Director - Solutions and Strategy

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